Odondiatriki Merimna of Thessaloniki

The dental Clinic

Our dental Clinic was established in 2008. It is equipped with the most advanced and contemporary technical equipment that comply with all the Regulations of the European Legislation, regarding safety, hygiene and sterilization.

The Clinic’s fully specialized personnel, the use of cutting edge technology, as well as the quality of the equipment -the tools, instruments and materials- insure the ever possible highest level of the provided dental services and treatment.

More specifically, our Clinic is equipped with:

  • Digital x-ray representation
  • Panoramic x-ray
  • Laser applications
  • Dental microscope
  • Designated sterilization room
  • Dental lab

The success of Odondiatriki Merimna of Thessaloniki relies on the application of the absolute specialization when dealing with every dental issue. Each patient’s treatment is planned exclusively and is executed by a team of specialized dentists.

Each one of our doctors possesses an official title of dental specialty and interferes exclusively and only within the field of his expertise, covering completely the whole range of the dental science.

Consequently, the dental services provided are of a high quality and all the possible issues regarding the hygiene and aesthetics are fully covered.

Some of the reasons that make the quality of our services outstanding are as following:

  • Entirely specialized dentists with an official expertise certification.
  • Our team includes all the specialties of dentistry.
  • Permanent dental personnel throughout the years.
  • Friendly and confortable environment.
  • Immediate treatment of urgent and complicated cases.

Our Clinic’s aim is to provide you with excellent oral health, as well as a beautiful and confident smile.

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